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Re: What would you like to see a new B5 project cover?

I'm not sure if JMS ever looks at boards like this to get a feel for the opinions of fandom, who knows, he may....
jms tries to stay away from sources of story ideas from fans as doing so can prevent him from writing any particular story if it's proven he's seen them particularly suggest it. "Passing Through Gethsemane" is the big example of this, as that episode almost didn't get to be since someone posted the exact idea for it (a mindwiped criminal gradually remembering his criminal past) on an internet interface that jms used. Thankfully, the individual that posted it was cooperative with the legal wrangling that then had to take place in order for the episode to be written.

That aside, as jms doesn't come here (as far as we know), I want to see the Telepath War. It's been aluded to enough in the series that for me it's the one sort of big thing that's left dangling from the Babylon 5 series proper.

What with the bits of info that have leaked out over the potential of more B5 to come being that jms was wanting to do some kind of reboot of B5 itself, I'm not sure our old ideas as to where B5 goes next necessarily apply to the current situation, though.
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