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Re: Claudia Con UK - Claudia Christian (Susan Ivanova) - August 13/14, 2011

Originally Posted by A_M_Swallow View Post
I enjoyed Claudia Con UK but some of the guest stars were upset about the shortage of fans.
Which guest stars were there?

Originally Posted by A_M_Swallow View Post
What started out as a Babylon 5 convention turned into a Star Wars behind the mask convention with a get together for the StarHyke actors. The small number of tickets sold meant that Claudia could not afford to fly in US actors.

The actors and set crew members gave 1 hour question and answer sessions in the hotel's theatre - very enjoyable. Unfortunately the signature collection room was frequent empty of fans.
Well, what did they expect for a series that was last aired in first run in 1998, and for which there's nothing new in the pipe?
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