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Re: Lost Episode?

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
I'm glad you got this got cleared up, SilverFox.

A friend of mine, before she even started watching B5, somehow saw "The Fall of Centauri Prime," and remembered significant details about it once I started showing her the whole show. (Talk about spoilers.) But she also remembered people looking at a crashed spaceship, which definitely doesn't happen in that episode... or any. I never quite convinced her that there wasn't more B5 that she hadn't seen.
There may not have been a crashed ship but there was a Shadow Ship buried on Mars.
Sheridan's Whitestar crashed into the roof of Z'ha'dum in season 3. The Shadow Ships inspected the hole.
The Centauri blow up an island full of Shadow Ships.

In the "Fall of Centauri Prime" Delenn's Whitestar is badly damaged. That could be miss-remembered as a crash.
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