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Lost Episode?

Hello B5 fans...I hope someone can help me find a lost episode. It is lost to me! Maybe this is a trick of B5 universe that is materlizing into my universe. Who knows. But it is extreeemly frustrating.

I watched the series when it was orginally aired on UK TV. And my memory of watching the series was that there was an episode ~ in which was made as if it was a documentary/history of Sheriden and Delen made on earth, at different times in the future. Kind of like putting Sheriden, Delen etc on trial. It was being shown from a library which was being accessed by the viewer. As the episode was watched it jumped to future points. And at each point there was a different view point/interpretation of the history of events. At one point Delen stormed in outraged how Sheriden was being mis-represented. Then after that scene, I remember, it jumping to Earth's future where us humans had evolved to being akin to the Vorlons. Transcending the human body to that of more energy/light. Then that was the end.

Surely I didn't make this up?!

I am asking as I just brought the DVD Box set of Babylon 5 from Amazon. This episode is not on there. I have watched the whole lot. It's not there.

Does anyone know where it's gone? Where I could retreave a copy. And what this episode is called. As I hope I could purchase the DVD on which it is on. Coos I loved it. And my set is incomplete.

in hope!....


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