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Re: EpDis: Ship Of Tears

Originally Posted by Estelyn View Post

Bester is an unexpected guest, and we see him from an unusual point of view - as a human and as a partner. We find that his is an arranged marriage - that rings a bell somewhere. Wasn't there a reference to PsiCorps arranged marriages in an earlier episode?

Two episodes actually.

In "A Race Through Dark Places" a fugitive telepath tells Talia of how she was forcibly inpregnated when she refused to marry the man Psi-Corps chose for her. And how her child was taken from her at birth.

In "Soul Mates" we learn that Talia herself had a marriage arranged for her by the Corps - to the slimy Matt Stoner. Talk about a mismatch!

The forced pregnancy mentioned in "Dark Places" makes my curious about something. What would be the status of IVF in the 23rd century? And surrogacy? To my mind there would be little need in the 23rd century to forcibly impregnate a woman. All Psi-Corps would needed to have done, would be to have harvested some of the woman's eggs, and done IVF and used a surrogate. It's quite common, even now.
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