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Re: EpDis: The Geometry Of Shadows

The Technomage Trilogy describes many of the events of this episode, plus some more things going on on B5 we don't see... and of course what happened immediately after their departure*. I had noticed in the episode that Elric seemed to have a rather pained expression on his face the whole time--the Trilogy explains why, and just exactly how pained he was what with the loss of his Place of Power (which became a large part of his being, suddenly ripped out) and the very dire circumstances of the Technomages' journey, and the terrible sacrifice that was to be made.... I wonder if Ansara's acting there was made with this background in mind (did JMS have some of this backstory in mind then), or if the writer of the trilogy noticed this acting too and created an explanation for it. But given these circumstances and goings-on behind the scenes, he actually handled his interactions with people with a lot of strength and grace.

And of course Londo was just so completely and mercilessly exposed here--probably the first real cold hard assessment of his character we see made to his face or even hinted at really. Everyone else saw him as a buffoon (except G'Kar who had mostly personal grudges with him, and the grudge of his people toward Centauri in general), but Elric was the first person we've seen who squarely assessed the serious flaws in Londo's character from an objective standpoint, and took the danger he and his actions posed seriously. (In the Trilogy his assessment is even more scathing, because of just how much of his activities he and/or his order through their spy devices have been able to observe.) I for one found it kind of refreshing, because while some of what Londo did on the show to that point made me laugh out loud and want to like him, I was already seeing him as a liar and a cheat who took paths of least resistance no matter what cost to others--or even himself, unreflective as he was--and no one as yet had called him on it. But he would learn what Elric warned him of, the hard way... and that would make me more sympathetic of him.

There's this poignant exchange:
"I hear billions of voices calling your name."
"My followers?"
"No, your victims."

And of course Londo didn't make a good first impression on Sheridan either (is this the first direct interaction we see between the two?). Come to think of it, I don't think they ever really became friends (his statements in "Objects at Rest" aside), and Sheridan was a bit more wary of Londo than others were, from that point.

* This I kind of had a problem with in the books--if the [SPOILER] explosion of one of the ships occurred right outside Babylon 5 pre-jump, surely there wouldn't have been the quiet ending to the episode we saw. The Trilogy writer should have had the explosion occur after the jump, in hyperspace or at the reentry to normal space wherever the next waypoint was, to fit better with the episode. [/SPOILER]

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