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Re: EpDis: Sleeping In Light

Originally Posted by deaded View Post
I just watched it for the ninth time and I STILL don't like it. In fact I really didn't like "Objects in Motion," "Objects at Rest," OR, "Sleeping in Light.". Nothing happened except for Lenier betraying the Rangers. The rest was just silly goodbyes. One goodbye show is OK. Three is ridiculous (not even counting 'Deconstruction' which was the best IMHO.
Well, "Objects at Rest" included Londo bearing that certain "gift" to the Sheridans' soon-to-be-born son... which figures significantly in the Centauri Trilogy, and (though unseen) the events we see in Sheridan's flash-forward in "War Without End".

But series-ending "goodbye" shows are almost always a bummer, and not things I look forward to with series that I've come to love.
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