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Re: Crusade question - The Rules of the Game

Originally Posted by deaded View Post
I'm wondering if anyone can help me here. Just watched this episode again, "The Rules of the Game." While watching it struck me that Lorkin #1 looked a *LOT* like Wayne Alexander (Lorien, Sebastian, and others), and Lorkin #2 looked a *LOT* like Damien London (The Regent from B5). I had a hard time placing Lorkin #3 but finally figured out that it was Tim Choate (Zathrus).

I've been able confirm the Tim Choate character but Lorkins 1 and 2 are not listed in credits on the DVD or on line as far as I've been able to find. Also they are not listed on Wayne Alexander or Damien London's IMDB pages (but maybe they would not be if they were not in the credits). Still. I've gotten to know their mannerisms so well over the 11+ times I've watched the B5 series and I'd swear these were the guys.

Does anyone know?
Tim Choate - Pollix
Joel Swetow - Ris
Timothy Landfield - Lorkan #3
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