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Re: EpDis: The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
Originally Posted by Galahad View Post
It's pretty clear there are at least a few "good" high rankers in the Corps. Harriman Gray seems like a decent egg and he works in military investigations - presumably requiring more rank and P rating than a commercial.
Harriman Gray was a P10.
Harriman Gray, if I remember correctly was slightly different from most of the other Psi-Corps telepath. He had been born a "normal", had been "normal" during childhood, and well into his teens. In addition, he lived a life outside the Corps, among "Mundanes". He had wanted to be a combat pilot, and had been accepted into Earthforce when his talents manifested. As telepaths weren't allowed in Earthforce, he was booted out, and joined Psi-Corps as the law mandated.

Having lived among "Normals" most of his life, perhaps he didn't have quite the same contempt for them that a telepath who had been in the Corps from birth would have. And while he dedicated to the Corps, he wasn't blindly dedicated to it - at one point, he seems to suspect that Ivanova is a telepath, but he keeps mum about it.

I do have some slightly irrelevant questions about telepaths. Could a non-telepathic child be born to two telepathic parents? And what would happen to that child? Would it be expelled from the Corps? Or would they keep it around to see if it manifested ability later on down the track? And could the telepathic gene skip a generation. Is it recessive? And what would be the odds of a telepath and non-telepath having a child that was a telepath be? 50/50? 50/25? And if a telepath decided that they didn't want to either join the Corps, take the sleepers, or go on the run, but decided to try and pass as a "normal" like Ivanova, how strong would their abilities have to be before people started getting suspicous? Such a person would have to obviously have great self-disipline and control over themselves, and be on their guard at all times. They would have to think very carefully before having children - in case a child of theirs inherited their ability, and unwittingly betrayed them.
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