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Re: EpDis: Comes The Inquisitor

Originally Posted by Stanley View Post
I found the plot incredible that the virtually omniscient, and certainly telepathic, Vorlons should have "doubts" or even need confirmation after all they had done to set up Sinclair, Delenn and Sheridan to maintain the order of the universe as they saw it.
jms said, "...the test was in some ways (most, actually) more for Delenn's benefit than Kosh's...."
That makes sense in alot of ways.... Even though JMS is an atheist, I've noticed that he uses a lot of religion in his stories. Many religions teach that progress is unattainable without sacrifice. A good example was Abraham when told to sacrifice his only son Isaac to be killed on the alter; God knew Abraham's heart but he still needed Abraham to know the same and could not push the man to greater things without first having "proven" him to himself that he was capable of all obedience.
I think JMS did the same between Delenn and Kosh.

One point though, Lyta suggests in "Thirdspace" that not all the Vorlons were telepathic. She made a big point of all the thirdspace aliens being "telepathic, all of them". Also with Talia Winters Kosh had some robot brained telepath make a copy of her mind for "the future" instead of doing it himself. He seemed to have a certain type of telepathy but maybe not fully. So it is possible that Kosh didn't fully know about Delenn and needed some more proof before continuing.

Also in the episode I noticed that the characters did react to Sebastian according to their own knowledge and culture. Sheridan reacted repulsed by the idea of torture because of his naivety in being human. Honestly, he did tend to react to it almost the same way one might expect a Star Trek Federation citizen to respond. Delenn was no stranger to torture and the view point that all progress required that something be given up. She'd done it plenty of times as a member of the Grey Council and was willing to go through it herself since she'd seen the cost of incorrect decisions in the past. Lenier only fretted because it was Delenn and he undoubtedly loved her even at this point and so reacted out pain and concern for her well being, much as Sheriden would react later when she left to fight the Drahk in season 4 (wanting to protect her, nothing more).

lol well there went my two cents, I hope it made sense.
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