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Re: Nehru Jackets?

Originally Posted by Estelyn View Post
Does anyone know just how much JMS had to say about appearance in his epic - or was there a costume designer who made those decisions?
He approved it all but I gather that it was more a process of his telling the costume people what look/feel he wanted and they'd go away to do drawings and get fabric samples, come back to him and he'd let them know what was most like his vision. Obviously, as time went on, the process was streamlined and most of what he did was approve what his people came up with.

JMS mentioned once that it was important to him that the viewer should be able to tell what race something came from, just from looking so you'll see shapes and colors repeated a lot so that even if you don't see a Minbari, you should be able to tell if something is of Minbari origin.

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