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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

I don't think we can really say with much of any sense of definity who the Hand were based on just "To Live And Die In Starlight". After all, who could say anything comparatively definitive about the Vorlons (or the Shadows, of whom we knew absolutely nothing) after just "The Gathering".

It is fun to speculate and dream though about what could've been. The Hand could have been something as fun as leftover Shadow technology having somehow gained sentience, since Shadow tech, after all, was biological. Since we know that the timing of the Rangers series was to have eventually coinsided with some of the timing of Crusade, and we know that Crusade would've dealt in leftover Shadow technology, such an origin for The Hand would have fit and would've provided a different angle for entering that storyline than Crusade would've used.
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