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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by Triple F View Post
Basically cost and execs thinking the viewer couldn’t get the idea of a chair!! Amazing. (Not sure if the calm approach would have worked either)
Not exactly: It'd be a chair that has to spin in 3 dimensions, which is pretty expensive to build, and they were on a threadbare budget as it was. I mean, if we're going to complain about something, let's start with that horrible control room.

I really didn't like LOTR when I first saw it. Watched it a couple years ago for the second time ever, and kind of did. Poorly cast, and G'Kar is pretty much wasted, but it held my interest better than I'd figured. I think it could have made a good series. I asked JMS about the hand once or twice, but he ignored the question.

My hunch is that either The Hand were L'or'ien's race, or something specifically built by L'or'ien's race, similar to "The Vorlon's mistakes;" or the other possibility is that they're all a con-job: The Hand are just some random alien group using ancient tech to frighten the other races, and thereby gain power. In general I'm leaning towards the latter.

Really I'm more interested to know what happened to the Liandra's previous crew.
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