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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by Alioth View Post
Just watched this for the first time. Meh, probably a C from me.

As for the weapons system, I was wondering WTF too. Maybe that the Rangers did it that way because they wanted to impart the mind-body-spirit discipline aspects of martial arts onto space warfare or something weird like that... and then I thought, naah, eye candy. At least she wasn't bad eye candy. But the toned-up badass female is pretty cliche in sci-fi. Well, pretty cliche in the whole wide action genre.... But I'd have gotten over it , were it not for, as has been mentioned, its not making functional sense. I mean, being weightless with a spherical view of all space around you definitely has advantages and is a good idea, but there's no reason to exert physically with each shot, instead of point, or (since it looked like there was some interface element tied in with her eyes) merely look (and maybe make a simple physical movement to indicate a "fire" command at what you're looking at). Why make a weapons system that depends on the physical stamina of its operator, that also makes heavy demands on that stamina thus further limiting it, when that doesn't seem at all necessary? It's not like the force of the exertions is what powers the weapons.
I know that if your sticking with ‘in-universe’ explanations this kind of thing ain’t that interesting. But the weapons system is a big hang up for a lot of folks and a bit of the back story as to why it came about can explain what happened, and the knock on effects it created (things like energy bolt rather than beams).

Basically cost and execs thinking the viewer couldn’t get the idea of a chair!! Amazing. (Not sure if the calm approach would have worked either)
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