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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

Just watched this for the first time. Meh, probably a C from me.

As for the weapons system, I was wondering WTF too. Maybe that the Rangers did it that way because they wanted to impart the mind-body-spirit discipline aspects of martial arts onto space warfare or something weird like that... and then I thought, naah, eye candy. At least she wasn't bad eye candy. But the toned-up badass female is pretty cliche in sci-fi. Well, pretty cliche in the whole wide action genre.... But I'd have gotten over it , were it not for, as has been mentioned, its not making functional sense. I mean, being weightless with a spherical view of all space around you definitely has advantages and is a good idea, but there's no reason to exert physically with each shot, instead of point, or (since it looked like there was some interface element tied in with her eyes) merely look (and maybe make a simple physical movement to indicate a "fire" command at what you're looking at). Why make a weapons system that depends on the physical stamina of its operator, that also makes heavy demands on that stamina thus further limiting it, when that doesn't seem at all necessary? It's not like the force of the exertions is what powers the weapons.

And as for the Hand... this was the first I'd heard of this great billions-year-old (they didn't get all the First Ones out after all?) power that "made the Shadows look like insects", in all the stuff I've seen and read that came after their appearance chronologically. Although there are still a few Crusade eps I haven't watched yet, and the last part of the Psi Corps trilogy, maybe someone mentions this devastating apocalyptic menace in one of those... although for some reason I suspect not. It just seems like something grafted onto the B5 universe, that then went nowhere (as far as there being a series, as was intended), and was ignored from there on out. (Unless LotR was conceived and written after the other stuff, which then makes the Hand sort of akin to the Xinti in the Trek universe, a key part of history added on, that somehow would never be mentioned again in the future). If I'm wrong and there is other reference to the Hand outside this movie, correct me.

I think as far as spinoff ideas, Crusade was by far the more intriguing of the two, in that the mission was a quest for specific knowledge with no real initial leads and a dire deadline, rather than just more space battles (actually, I'm not sure what the premise of this show was supposed to be--this pilot doesn't really lay out one, unlike A Call to Arms did for Crusade--but the Rangers were an elite warrior/commando corps with starships, so...).

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