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Re: EpDis: Comes The Inquisitor

Originally Posted by RW7427 View Post
When he said that he had come from London in 1888, I thought "They have got to be kidding! The Vorlons are using someone like that?" After that, I never quite trusted the Vorlons.
No one ever said the Vorlons "played nice" when they interferred with the affairs of the younger races. It kinda doesn't make any sense for them to grab Jack the Ripper from 1888 London, but they didn't always do things that we would consider right or to our advantage as a race. I guess it was a part of their "mysteriousness" and wanting to further their own agenda regardless of what it meant for the younger races.
It's not like they endorsed what Jack the Ripper was doing--they did make him understand somehow the error of his ways. That was the point--if the wrong kind of person tells himself he's taking up some "righteous cause", the results can be the total opposite of anything righteous. They just plucked up one of the most extreme examples of this they could find, I guess.
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