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Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

Well, I can answer a few of your questions about the Wall: sometimes people have non-criminal reasons to get away from home. Jon, for instance, knows that he'll never rise any other way, because of his bastard birth -- but in the Night's Watch, no one cares if you're a bastard. Or at least no one's supposed to. Also it used to be a much, much more honorable service -- because it used to matter much, much more. The Starks have sent a lot of their family to the Wall, and Benjen (Ned's brother/Jon's uncle) is just the latest in that tradition, which Jon is trying to carry on, even if he's not (officially) a Stark.

As to why no one runs away... well, we've already seen one guy from the Watch run, and he got killed for it. The main reason is that behind the Wall you have the Starks, which applies in a few other ways, too. There's a really close relationship between Castle Black (the headquarters for the Watch) and Winterfell.
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