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Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

I'll be trying to get to episode 2 this weekend, if there is time.

As one who did not read the books, I admit I can tell I am missing a lot of subtlety. I have a lot of "how did they get there/what's up with those two?" moments. The characters are a bit stereotypical for fantasy, but it's easier to take them seriously than in most fantasy I've read or seen.

It's definitely fantasy (not my favorite genre) but I haven't laughed at it yet, and that is a good sign. I think this is one that will keep me watching for awhile, if only to see if I can eventually figure out this story. What is up with the Wall? You send your prisoners there, and yet have volunteers? You can't retire from this job, I take it, or have any kind of family? Why wouldn't criminals just walk away or not care much about the job? And why would a family consider it honorable service? I get that the guy may not have really known his peers would be criminals, but why wouldn't his family have told him?

I will predict that many characters will die before I'm much aware that they were there. It is a very large cast. And I'm very bad with names.
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