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Re: EpDis: Revelations

Originally Posted by Bab5nutz View Post
There was one thing that bugs me. It is a very little thing, but here goes

Who tidied Delenn up, and did her hair - ah new hair? Minbari aren't exactly hairy - the most you see is a few beards on the males. Delenn, as we see in "Soul Mates" hasn't the slightest idea what to do with it, or how to care for it. Did Lennier or Franklin send for a hairdresser?

I think I must have a hair hangup. In the fourth season, when Sheridan is stranded on Z'ha'dum, his hair is quite long for a military dude. Later, when he returns to B5 on Lorien's ship, his hair is very short. Did Lorien's rejuvination include a haircut? Did Sheridan stop at the hairdresser's on his way up to the protest meeting that was going on?
Delenn's pretty bright, I think Ivanova fixing her hair for her the one time, showed her how to work with it, as you say, she had no clue up to that point, once she had a clue, she could easily enough figure out from there, with trial and error.
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