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Re: EpDis: Revelations

Originally Posted by Bab5nutz View Post
In the fourth season, when Sheridan is stranded on Z'ha'dum, his hair is quite long for a military dude. Later, when he returns to B5 on Lorien's ship, his hair is very short. Did Lorien's rejuvination include a haircut? Did Sheridan stop at the hairdresser's on his way up to the protest meeting that was going on?
When Sheridan returns to the station and makes the big speech in The Summoning, he still has the same long hair. The new haircut appears in the next episode Falling Towards Apotheosis after he has been on the station at least for a few days.

My problem with Sheridan's hair starts in The Deconstruction Of Falling Stars. It's clearly dyed during the production of the fifth season and is clearly more reddish than before. Annoying little detail, but it's there.
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