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Re: EpDis: A Race Through Dark Places

Originally Posted by Alioth View Post
I edited the above post some because it was a pretty confusing jumble of thoughts before. But did anyone else wonder just how much this leader of the Underground Railroad telepaths knew about the assassination plot (i.e. that he at least knew who the target was), once it was revealed, in this episode, that he was a telepath? Since it was revealed very early on that teeps can inadvertantly hear thoughts, even when blocking them out, if they are strong enough and thus "shouted" loudly enough? (Remember the episode soon after Talia and Susan meet, when she "hears" Susan thinking of her mother when the subject of her opinion of Psi Corps is brought up, and explains she couldn't help but hear it. And we see other examples of this phenomenon later.)

Actually, I think that was the episode "Eyes" where the Colonel Ari ben Something - Garibaldi refers him as "Colonel Ben Hitler" - has it in for Sinclar, and is accompanied by the telepath who wanted to be a pilot, but couldn't because he turned out to be a telepath. It is this telepath, who while talking to Ivanova "hears" her thinking about her mother, and realises that Ivanova can feel someone scanning her.
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