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Re: EpDis: Comes The Inquisitor

Slightly OT here.

Last year, we adopted a little rescue cat. His name? Sebastian - he had been named that by his previous owner. "Inquisitor" was so impressed on my mind, that I tried to persuade my mother that we had to change his name - Sebastian as a name really creeped me out. In the end, as his fosterer had been calling him Zebby, we called him that. He is nothing like the Sebastian character BTW - he is a sweet, crazy, very bright little cat.

I am curious. Did anyone twig to the fact that Sebastian was Jack when he first came onto the show? When he said that he had come from London in 1888, I thought "They have got to be kidding! The Vorlons are using someone like that?" After that, I never quite trusted the Vorlons.
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