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Re: "Crusade: What the Hell Happened?"

Originally Posted by Sindatur View Post
Hi Jan, any updated guesses on when "After April" means? IE: Is there a belief we might hear something in May?
No, not really. JMS posted last night that he
Originally Posted by JMS word that the B5 related stuff is still proceeding along, just can't say anything yet...
and that:

Originally Posted by JMS
Re: the B5 thing...I'm not being coy, it's just that over the years, it's like B5 has been the football, the fans (and I to a degree) have been Charlie Brown, and the studios/networks have dutifully executed their role as Lucy. Consequently, I'm not saying anyTHING to anyONE for any REASON until I know for a stone cold fact that there's ink on contracts and we're moving ahead on something of substance.
So it sounds to me like negotiations for whatever it is are still in progress but that things are still moving along and not stalled. And that's good news, imo.

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