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Re: "Crusade: What the Hell Happened?"

From the product description at Cafe Press, this sounds like a bunch of interviews, unused scripts, and a various hodgepodge of stuff related to the show and its airing.

I'm wondering if there will ever be actual novels continuing the story line and whatever arcs JMS envisioned within it. I have just started watching the show for the first time ever, just the first two episodes so far (I'm going to try to watch this just a little at a time, to savor it as much as possible because there are only 13 eps), after having read the Technomage Trilogy and become familiar with the fascinating character Galen. Stylistically it looks like the show may surpass B5 in my opinion, although nothing could surpass the epic scope of the B5 arcs, as those were the defining events of this "age" in the B5 universe. But boy does it look like it had a lot of potential. Including lots of potential for eye candy, with both the technomages' abilities of illusion, and just exploring a variety of diverse worlds throughout the B5 universe ("road shows" can be very engaging if done well).

Any word on proposed actual continuations of the story, either in novel form, movies, or (dare we ever hope) some sort of revival of the TV series?
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