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Re: Crusade: Other Voices - Vol. 1

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
??? Because it was a road show, one where the ship went from place to place every week? That's just a superficial similarity to all Trek except DS9. I saw Crusade through my thoroughly-accustomed-to-B5 eyes, and so Crusade didn't remind me of Trek. See, I've thoroughly divorced myself from Trek and don't carry that baggage with me. When I watch B5 and Crusade, Trek, anythingTrek, is absolutely the farthest thing from my thoughts. When I watch B5 and Crusade I'm IN the B5 universe, and Trek does not exist.
Oh, believe you me, Brother, I'm *not* a Trekie. I'm fully aware of the exigencies of picaresque storytelling, and its long history prior to that stupid franchise. I've got no love for Trek. No real hate, either, I just think it's boring and kind of stupid. (Well, TNG and on was stupid). That said, shows can and do deliberately rip off previous shows formats: Man From Atlantis, year 2 of Space: 1999, both deliberately ripped off TOS. SeaQuest DSV deliberately ripped off TNG.

I do not mean to imply that Crusade *WAS* a ripoff of Trek, simply that it wasn't the watershed that B5 was, and that it felt rather derivative. Ship-based planet-of-the-week show, most of the crew were ciphers, bland dentist office sets, ridiculous uniforms, it felt like they were trying to un-do a lot of what B5 had done. I have no doubt that it would have gotten better, but: while it was on, it just never grabbed me.

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
I almost dropped it the instant I saw it ("The Train Job"). Firefly initially felt like a morph of a traditional western and "Wild Wild West," scooped up off the planet and put in space, complete with twangy music, being written by people who had little grasp of science, and a phobia of including aliens (the "only humans" edict), and that was a turnoff. What made it watchable for me was the likeable cast, the comedy and the banter.

Well, most of the country felt like you, so who am I to say you're wrong? A lot of people don't want peanut butter in their chocolate, and a lot of people don't want cowboys in their SF. As for me: I liked it.

As to the "Only Humans" thing, why do you NEED to have aliens in an SF show? I'm not saying you shouldn't ever do it, but at the time the show came out, aliens had become an accepted cliche of TVSF, and most of 'em weren't very good ("We are the Poets of Planet Poetlon P, all our species are poets, as denoted by this prosthetic forehead" or "We are a race of warriors, entirely, and hence none of us are farmers, yet somehow we continue not to starve.") As JMS once said, (Paraphrasing) 'Trek spends so much time trying to find the humanity of the aliens that they never bother to develop the humanity of the humans.'

Leaving aliens out of Firefly and the new BSG and Lost was a good thing, but it has become a bit of a contracliche in the years since.
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