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Re: Crusade: Other Voices - Vol. 1

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I disagree with "Firefly was a much better show, though." from your review. "Crusade" was/is definitely more my kind of show.
A matter of taste, I guess.

My problem with Crusade at the time was that it felt a bit derivative of Trek. My immediate impression was that it was JMS trying to do Trek better than Trek did, which, of course, he did. I was a little let down by it because it wasn't the watershed that B5 was. I have faith that it would have become that, but it started out feeling too familiar.
??? Because it was a road show, one where the ship went from place to place every week? That's just a superficial similarity to all Trek except DS9. I saw Crusade through my thoroughly-accustomed-to-B5 eyes, and so Crusade didn't remind me of Trek. See, I've thoroughly divorced myself from Trek and don't carry that baggage with me. When I watch B5 and Crusade, Trek, anythingTrek, is absolutely the farthest thing from my thoughts. When I watch B5 and Crusade I'm IN the B5 universe, and Trek does not exist.

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Firefly felt new and exciting, very personable cast, neat direction, neat look, lots of new spins on old tropes. Just making them civilians was a huge shift. It grabbed me the instant I saw it.
I almost dropped it the instant I saw it ("The Train Job"). Firefly initially felt like a morph of a traditional western and "Wild Wild West," scooped up off the planet and put in space, complete with twangy music, being written by people who had little grasp of science, and a phobia of including aliens (the "only humans" edict), and that was a turnoff. What made it watchable for me was the likeable cast, the comedy and the banter.
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