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Re: Crusade: Other Voices - Vol. 1

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post

I disagree with "Firefly was a much better show, though." from your review. "Crusade" was/is definitely more my kind of show.
A matter of taste, I guess.

My problem with Crusade at the time was that it felt a bit derivative of Trek. My immediate impression was that it was JMS trying to do Trek better than Trek did, which, of course, he did. I was a little let down by it because it wasn't the watershed that B5 was. I have faith that it would have become that, but it started out feeling too familiar.

Firefly felt new and exciting, very personable cast, neat direction, neat look, lots of new spins on old tropes. Just making them civilians was a huge shift. It grabbed me the instant I saw it.
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