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Re: Crusade: Other Voices - Vol. 1

Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0 View Post
Ok, impressive as that sounds, I've been burned by Cafe Press before. Is this *really* a script by Woodward, or a treatment, or what? Is it *really* a script that was being seriously considered by the show while it was in production, or just a random bit of woolgathering? How is it possible that I've never heard of the existence of this script before, even in other books by Cafe Press?

Also, "Volume 1" implies a "Volume 2." Are we looking at more scripts, or treatments or just random detritus?
Don't know if you mean you've been burned by Cafe Press or if you were somehow dissatisfied with a book put out by the B5 scripts team. If the latter, you should email to let them know. Their customer service is legendary. Note that while CP is the fulfillment company, the publisher is Publishing 180. There's also an unconditional 30-day refund guarantee.

It's a script. Full length (43 pages), and I've seen a document that showed the original placement before JMS decided that it would work better, for both story and production requirements, in the second season.

Given that I'd never heard of it either until it was found in JMS's storage facility, my speculation is that because it was entirely a 'spec' script rather than an assigned story, it never appeared in any of the lists of possible stories that JMS had planned or given assignments for.

Yes, there is a volume 2 planned. I don't have information as to when and I'm not able to give any information as to the contents.

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