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Re: Crusade: Other Voices - Vol. 1

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Just came out today. Includes two of Fiona Avery's scripts (two drafts each), concept art, script analyses and...drum roll, please...a NEVER before seen script by Peter Woodward (AKA Galen the techno-mage)!!

$10 off for the first week only.

Ok, impressive as that sounds, I've been burned by Cafe Press before. Is this *really* a script by Woodward, or a treatment, or what? Is it *really* a script that was being seriously considered by the show while it was in production, or just a random bit of woolgathering? How is it possible that I've never heard of the existence of this script before, even in other books by Cafe Press?

Also, "Volume 1" implies a "Volume 2." Are we looking at more scripts, or treatments or just random detritus?
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