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Re: Just Finished My 1st Time Through Series And..

Originally Posted by benisjamin33 View Post
The Drakh tells Londo about the fusion bombs around Centauri Prime, and in the flash-forward we see the fires caused by the bombs burning across the planet. The connections are there in the show, even if the details of these side-stories were elsewhere.
Well, I just got the Centauri Trilogy (I was actually lucky enough to catch the full set of three on Amazon for a reasonable price under $20, rather than some ridiculous $50+ price for just the third one that I'd seen there before, so I jumped on it) and have read through book 1, so don't give me too many details--but that was from fusion bombs?

I don't know if it's just me, but I always thought the fiery scenes of Centauri Prime in WWE/In the Beginning were rather... underwhelming. Like how a city would look after heavy artillery shelling in a typical "conventional" war, not after intense orbital bombardment or certainly not from fusion bombs, which I'd think would level everything and vaporise much of a several-mile radius, with at least as much power as multi-megaton nuclear warheads. But we saw most buildings still standing for the most part, just on fire.

But yeah, I know Londo said this was the doing of "the Shadows' allies", i.e. the Drakh, and I know that fusion bombs were what they were blackmailing Londo with. Just didn't look, well, all that bad, considering the kind of destruction we've seen in other places and times in the B5 series. Damage like that might have killed several thousand (and made much of the population homeless), not hundreds of millions as their threats (and the supposed force of fusion bombs in each city) seemed to imply.

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