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Re: EpDis: The Hour Of The Wolf

Originally Posted by Estelyn View Post
This episode is packed full of lots of good stuff! The biggest question is, of course, "Is Sheridan still alive?" It's interesting to see how much he really is the nexus, how everyone from Ivanova to the ambassadors to Delenn falls apart without him. And when watching this the first time, we weren't really sure he's still alive either - we could be seeing him in some kind of after- or between-life. I guess we would expect Delenn to keep up hope that he still lives, but even Zack wants to believe it.
Since I first went through B5 after buying the season DVD packages, I supected Sheridan must be still alive, since he was one of the characters pictured on the Season 4 cover. But I wondered if it'd be something like Sisko after the end of the DS9 series, [DS9 spoiler] where he supposedly would reappear from time to time as the "Prophets" sent him, but be in some kind of limbo outside time after his "death" falling into the Fire Cave on Bajor [/DS9 spoiler]. I'm glad JMS didn't do that with Sheridan.
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