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Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams

The outline says that the Minbari prophecy can be read in different ways, that "one outsider was foretold as being able to save the Minbari, give it a new birth," which is what the Grey Council believes specifically about Sinclair, or "that this outsider could cause the destruction of the Minbari race," which is what the Warrior Caste believes. That's what's playing out within the Minbari during the conclusion of the Earth-Minbari War.

Years later Delenn carries out his sex and species change in order to be able to give birth to Sinclair's child, which Delenn and others believed would bring about the rebirth of the Minbari race. Delenn and Sinclair don't hook up until a couple years after that, eventually ending up pregnant. The Warrior Caste was already pissed off at the religious Minbari anyway, the racial purity added insult to injury, so the Warrior Caste overthrows the Grey Council, orders the deaths of Delenn and Sheridan, and starts the war with Earth again, a major part of which is the Minbari's assault against the B5 station at the end of the show that led to the station's destruction right as Sinclair, Delenn, and newborn child escape on a shuttle.

In the sequel spin-off, the child would end up physically maturing at an excellerated rate due to exposure to the time rift from them bringing the Babylon 4 station forward through time. Their son becomes "a religious symbol" and the "focus of the prophecy, the boy-man whose birth signals... a new Golden Age", which causes the son to be the target of many assassination attempts.

So the show starts with the Minbari at the end of the war having schismed over Sinclair being the subject of the prophecy, but the sequel ends with the subject being Sinclair and Delenn's child, who ends up becoming the head of the alliance.
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