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Originally Posted by Alioth View Post
Yeah, awkward social misstep on the part of Garibaldi toward his "date", but those happen. My trouble isn't his saying "no", but not understanding what she wanted (just a one-night stand) enough to either decide to go for it or steer her away while the night was still young. But again, we all make those kinds of misreads and mistakes, sometimes--God knows I have, lots of times.

I think a lot of guys have trouble with the idea that a gal can be just as much of a horndog as the best of them. They think women are more fragile and easily hurt by casual sex--some, lots, of them can be, but not all. She seemed put off that Garibaldi seemed to think she was. She certainly ain't no frail damsel who gets the vapors, and she makes sure every guy she comes around knows that too.
While I agree with you, I had a different take on this encounter. In WWII films, it was fairly common to hint that the guy going off to war got a one night stand from a girl, or even a quick marriage, like it was her duty. Of course, this was conveyed subtly in those days. Here we have a role reversal, with Dodger being a woman soldier, going of to quite possibly die, and wanting a fling before she goes. But Garibaldi is too self absorbed to realize it.
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