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Re: EpDis: Messages From Earth

Originally Posted by RW7427 View Post
Were one or both of these footholds (on Narn and Human doorsteps) used for operations to manipulate these primitive races, or just for strategic position in the war itself?
I don't remember the episode, but I do remember G'Kar talking about how the Shadows had a base on one of the southern continents on Narn. He said, "They took little interest in us". That to me doesn't sound like the Shadows were manipulating the pre-spacefaring Narns. I can only assume the same was true for the Humans. It sounds as if those bases were just for strategic purposes of some kind.
"Matters Of Honor", first episode of season three; I just watched that one the other day.

I can't remember for certain, but didn't Delenn at some point in some episode or another say that the Shadows hid their ships on various planets and the like in order to keep a low profile for a while. Because of their philosophy, the Shadows come out every now and then to kick over all the anthills and then return to a state of dormancy for a while, only to begin to stretch forth again millenia later.
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