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Re: EpDis: Comes The Inquisitor

Just watched this one in my second time through the series. Oh yeah, this is definitely one of the best ones.

Originally Posted by QMCO5 View Post
I doubt very much whether the Vorlons believe any of that impure motive yields impure results stuff.
Well, I believe that. I mean, your motives are what guide your decisions, not just the great ones, but the small ones in between, that keep things together, and that lead to the next great decision. Doing the right thing is a continuous act, a journey if you will. It will determine the further direction of the results of your act, how you will use what you've built. They weren't destined to just fight the Shadows, but to build a lasting structure of peace afterwards.

A good decision for a bad motive is incidental. What follows from that is not guaranteed to be good. Once they started, Delenn and Sheridan had to see this through all the way, and had to be motivated by love of their fellow person at the gut level--a love that will be there whether it is seen and celebrated or totally unseen and unrewarded--to carry it through successfully, to be guided continuously in all their actions by that love. They are about to take on a great responsibility with the fate of all the peoples of the galaxy in the balance, for the side of "light"--they'd better be for real. There are many examples as bad (or worse) than Jack the Ripper, of people who've presumed for themselves such a task, without real love of their fellow people on that basic, gut level. "Without love, all my actions are meaningless" to sum up Paul's letter to the Corinthians. The test was brutal, sure, but for something like this, for the commission they had, it had to be. If they were the wrong kind of people, it would end in disaster. And I think they also had to know for themselves this danger, so they could be sure to keep this love at the center of their endeavors. It was a lesson for them as well as a test--and if Kosh already knew they were the right people, they still had to know, and know why, so they could stay so.

I like to think that at least Kosh among the Vorlons knew that the time of the first ones' supervision of the galaxy was coming to an end, or that it should. He told the Captain he must learn to "fight legends". Some other things he said and did seem to hint at this too, that he was attempting to prepare them for succession--and I think he forfeited his life knowing it would further this process along. So yeah, these people would stand for the side of "light", be the ones to take the lead, when they were gone. He wanted to be damned sure they would start it off with the best footing possible.
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