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Re: EpDis: A Race Through Dark Places

I edited the above post some because it was a pretty confusing jumble of thoughts before. But did anyone else wonder just how much this leader of the Underground Railroad telepaths knew about the assassination plot (i.e. that he at least knew who the target was), once it was revealed, in this episode, that he was a telepath? Since it was revealed very early on that teeps can inadvertantly hear thoughts, even when blocking them out, if they are strong enough and thus "shouted" loudly enough? (Remember the episode soon after Talia and Susan meet, when she "hears" Susan thinking of her mother when the subject of her opinion of Psi Corps is brought up, and explains she couldn't help but hear it. And we see other examples of this phenomenon later.)

Not that Garibaldi knowing the target before apprehending Devereaux would have necessarily prevented the assassination. (It would have helped, though, at least to give warning. Also, they were probably focusing on possible targets on the station more before that.)

Not to indict him or anything--again, we understand his fear of getting even a little bit on the radar of the authorities--but maybe that could be fuel for a side story: he would feel bad for not doing as much as he could to prevent the assassination, for putting teeps like him in even further danger from a more powerful Psi Corps.... Maybe, someday, he and a group of fellow fugitive telepaths come up with a way to strike a big blow against Clark and Company, as a form of redemption as well as just being in their interest to do so. He'd make an interesting character: his whole appearance and manner are such to make people grossly underestimate him if they notice him at all, and yet he may be one of the most powerful telepaths out there and he can be very resourceful.
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