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Re: EpDis: Comes The Inquisitor

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
The fact that the Vorlon's morality was questionable at best had been with me ever since Kosh fragged Deathwalker.
Hmmm, I had no problem with that whatsoever. I figured they probably knew (telepathically, or through infiltrating the Wind Swords who harbored her, or just... the way they seem to know things, to be paying a lot more attention than they appear to sometimes) how the drug worked--the stuff Deathwalker revealed at the end, about it requiring the death of another to provide a key ingredient--and knew full well the implications that she described ("you will become us"). It would have set the Shadow agenda, writ large, even if Shadows weren't involved with her work or even her people (and who knows?). A literal, brutal, survival of the most ruthless. Very rarely if ever in those times, did the Vorlons pop out with a warship and expose themselves in that way--their interventions tended to be a lot more subtle than that. I can see why they chose to in this case, if that became the only way of stopping her invention from getting out into the larger galaxy. Indeed this move saved millions or billions of lives, as this was not an invention that "could be used for good or evil": the way it worked required murder. Such decisions, weighing one or a few lives against many, are made in war, too.

I think everyone watching in that room, rightly, gave a sigh of relief that the Vorlons did what needed to be done, and took the responsibility for doing so when politics, orders, greed for advantage, etc. impeded anyone else from doing it.

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