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Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
Definitely from the female perspective.

Originally Posted by Alioth View Post
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Be very interesting to know if your comment is written from a male or a female perspective.
Male, who has known a few females like Dodger. Plus knowing that a lot of the feminist movement of the last several decades was an assertion that females were just as much sexual beings as males, and sometimes seek sex, like males sometimes, just for the sake of it. Before that time, this was largely denied, and females were placed on an almost-impossible pedestal of "womanly virtue" (and punished horribly by society when they wouldn't stand on that pedestal).

I don't want to get into any more trouble than I might already be here, just saying that it is still somewhat common to think of females as the more passive of the species sexually, when clearly at least some are not.

Edit: and the post immediately above, what he said.

Welcome aboard and don't worry, you're not in trouble. Amazing how we can still disect a relatively small plotline from 2 episodes 3 years apart, and find new insights. B5 RULES!!!! If women were "passive" there would be no lesbians: as several neighbors and lots of friends of mine can attest: That aint the case. Substitute "passion" for "sex": how does that change the equation? Not only are men and women different, so are different men and women. As the oldest son of a widow with 6 kids (Dad died when I was 16) I became a practical feminist at a young age.

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As much as there are plenty of women who want sex for the sake of sex proving women aren't uniformly the stereotype of a virtuous maiden, there are conversely men that aren't always sex for the sake of sex. As such, I don't find it unrealistic that Garibaldi would make the choice he did in the episode. And just because he made such a choice in this instance does not mean he wouldn't choose differently at different points in his life.

Garibaldi was an Italian Catholic dedicated to food and family. His arc starts and ends with Lise, wife. He was infatuated with Talia (real life married, and divorced) but she turned out to be ... different. I cant recall any intimate relations Garibaldi had, or even implied. Lise divorced him: He never divorced her. She got a fortune. In the end it all worked out. End of morality play.
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