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Re: EpDis: And Now For A Word

Some subtle hints of jingoistic bias in the news, like the editorializing in their mention of the Mars rebellions, Clark's popularity "soaring to new heights" (I think that was the line) due to his "focus on Earth" (more a slogan than a meaningful statement of fact apropos to journalism), and of course her treatment of Delenn--interjecting an accusation while Delenn was trying to answer her question (how she thought humans would feel about her metamorphosis) and basically backing her into a corner--that was painful to see. And of course, "but we didn't lose the Minbari War--they surrendered." I love Sheridan's response to that, "of course"--you could see him saying "I see" in his head and getting a clear idea of what he was dealing with from that exchange.

And you know what? We see little things like this in the news today, increasingly so with the 24-hour-opinionverse of cable TV. But it was downright objective compared to what came a couple years later.

Kosh blowing her off was classic too.

I thought the Psi Corps PSA was a bit cheesy--kind of like a PSA you might have seen in the 1950s (then again, they were probably in a very 50s-ish time on Earth, a period of conformity and paranoia). Might have been interesting to see a commercial for a product as well (like normal TV commercials) for some period color.
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