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Originally Posted by GKarsEye View Post
They can, it's just annoying.

I was of course exaggerating when I said my "respect" for Garibaldi went down. After Sheridan, he's my favorite human character on the show. He just had moment of idiocy. Happens, no big deal.
Yeah, this is something that, if a guy's male friends found out about it, he'd never hear the end of the razzing. "No man card for you!" But hey, if you're uncomfortable doing the deed, don't.

Having been a ground pounder himself though, you'd think he'd know that all she was looking for was a fun romp in the hay while on liberty in port--just like any soldier or sailor who gets a break from duty in a strange town or port. Guys and gals in uniform, those unattached anyway, probably both sought this commonly in those breaks from the demanding and sometimes terrible days they face for the most part. You'd think early on that he'd know or suspect that's what she was after, and nipped it in the bud if he didn't want to oblige--none of the heavy kissing, or even bringing her to his quarters.

I also wondered about fraternization issues. In present times, in the US military anyway, it is forbidden for an officer (and I think that includes CWOs as they have commissions) and enlisted to have sexual relations, and I think that's even if they aren't in the same command. Officers theoretically have enough pull to influence (through relations with other officers) things for even enlisted personnel under other commands, so the whole thing is frowned upon, with violators subject to the UCMJ and possibly court-martial. Apparently this wasn't as much of an issue with Earthforce.

Cute, ass-kicking fiesty red-head. Amongst the top three hottest chick characters to guest star on B5 (along with Number One and Franklin's singer).
Oh hell yes. I'd have forgotten all the other bullshit and had my fun too, if I were him. It was kind of painful to watch his hesitation and agonizing....

Here's something that I don't like about the episode: the battle had no significance to the overall story. I must have seen the entire series half a dozen times and I don't even remember what they were fighting about.
They were aiding an alien government against rebels on its planet in a civil war, to gain military concessions from that government in their sector.

It kind of gave us a look at what Earth was doing foreign-policy wise--courting powers to gain advantages from them and expand their interests. We don't know the circumstances of their civil war, but we might suspect that we weren't aiding "the good guys" therein--they could have had the same kinds of grievances that the rebels from Earth's colonies had, and their government might have been just as brutal or corrupt. Anyway, we know Earth isn't slinking back to isolationism (as much of the emerging party line is implying), but still poking its nose militarily where it sees advantage.

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