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Re: EpDis: Soul Mates

Originally Posted by maneth View Post
The three wives were wonderful and just what a schemer like Londo deserved. I totally understand why he chose Timov, given that he has access to hot Centauri chicks any time he wants them. It was a marriage of convenience, nothing more. And if you're stuck in such a marriage, it must be a relief to know your wife isn't plotting to kill you, isn't it?
And she was also more honest. She made no move to suck up to Londo upon knowing she was in a contest for continued status as his wife, and the continued title and privileges that came with that. He will always know where he stands with someone so unafraid to speak her mind, and since marriage isn't "for love" among folks of his station anyway, there's no real need for any pretense of it, especially if he's not the kind of sap to fall for it and be manipulated by it. I guessed at the beginning that she'd be the one he chooses to keep. They understood each other.
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