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Re: EpDis: Revelations

The first time we see Clark, aside from his swearing-in on the ISN newscast (that classic chilling scene in "Chrysalis" when Kosh utters "and so it begins")--the first time we see him actually interacting with one of our characters (Sheridan). And boy does that give one the creeps, especially on second viewing after knowing just how evil his regime ends up being.

I like the awkward silence with Sheridan and Ivanova at the end, after learning of the traitor disappearing after supposedly being remanded to Earth custody. "It gets cold up here sometimes, doesn't it?" They both dare not, at this point, bring to words the implications this news brings, but boy is it the elephant in the room.

This is about where I'm at in my second-go-round of viewing the series (after just seeing the whole series the first time just these past few months).
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