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Re: EpDis: In The Beginning

I enjoyed seeing this prequel to the series, though I do have several reservations. I definitely would not use it to introduce someone new to B5; not only are there spoilers, but also a bewildering number of characters showing up, some only very briefly. I can imagine someone wondering why that young girl appears, not realizing that Ivanova will play an important role on the station.

I do like the framework of aged Londo telling the story to children. Having him ask that crucial question, "What do you want?" brings back memories of his own decisions.

Why did Robin Atkin Downes have to play a Minbari?! I kept seeing Byron in him and wondering why he had to send for a telepath...

Interesting to know that Londo actually gave some good advice to the Earth Alliance on approaching the Minbari. However, he made up for that by spoiling the chance for peace later on.

What's fun to see is the younger version of each character! Londo with more and darker hair, Sheridan with a crew cut, Ivanova with short hair.

I do like seeing Dukhat again - a great character! Tragic that his death is the trigger for Minbari wrath and revenge. His statement about looking into the face of a Vorlon, upon which all doubt is gone, makes clear why Delenn later wanted to see Kosh to be sure of her path.

Interesting that Sheridan describes himself as chosen for the mission because he's expendable. He's not, of course.

The President's speech was very moving. Her appeal to "hold the line" makes clear why the battle was named so. I did notice one phrase she used, though - "Eve of Destruction" is a 60s protest song - intentional or chance?

Having G'Kar as a translator is risky, isn't it?! A warrior would not seem to be the best aid to achieving peace.

Once again Delenn blows a candle out, symbolically for the lives lost.

Sinclair is bound in that Christ-like position we've seen several times in the series.

The closing is very interesting - immediately preceding the end of Londo's life, after his last encounter with Sheridan and Delenn. Great camera move - leaving through the one open window.

I have read the first two of the Centauri book trilogy; alas, the third is so expensive that I haven't bought it. Wish it were available at a reasonable price - I'd like to read the conclusion.
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