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Re: EpDis: Sleeping In Light

"Sleeping in Light" had me weeping most of the way through it - it is so very sad, beautifully so. I tried to pinpoint what made it so special (I very rarely cry for movies, even less for TV); the story is wonderful, the music evocative, but in the end it comes down to the actors, especially Bruce and Mira. Their ability to portray the characters' emotions is extraordinary; every look, every gesture is absolutely believable.

Now for some details:

Voiceover at the beginning - Garibaldi; at the end - Ivanova. I wonder why that choice; JMS didn't comment on it. For the closing words, I would guess that she was chosen because the events of this story changed the direction of her life and gave her hope.

I did a double-take when Sheridan walked into the picture - I wouldn't have expected him to be wearing Ranger clothing. But as was said later, he took on a greater role for the Anla'Shok since Delenn took over the presidential role for the Alliance.

My heart starts to break when Delenn tries to hold on to the hope that it may not yet be the appointed time and he replies that it is. She may think that she's prepared, knowing about this all those years, but when it comes down to actually letting him go, it's much harder than she realized.

Seeing the reactions of each of Sheridan's friends when they get the invitation breaks me up a little more. They know what to expect, yet they are devastated that the time has come. I like Garibaldi's statement that they often disagreed, but in the end, he's "a good man". That was Delenn's statement in the "Deconstruction"!

It's actually strange that Garibaldi is the one character who now has the most "normal" life! Wife and daughter, serious work, even wealth. The cigars are a great metaphor.

Yes, JMS knows exactly how different the typical male and female ways of handling such a situation are. Despite her own needs to talk about it more, Delenn lets him choose his own method. And the laughing and joking at the table is so very male! I'm amused to see Vir's hair as high now as Londo's was. And how typical his story about the Pak'ma'ra is for Londo - from something funny, a very touching tale emerges.

I do enjoy seeing Ivanova again! And when the toast is spoken, and she says Marcus' name, we can see where her underlying sadness comes from. She and Delenn withdraw for a female moment when the men are still talking - a very typical situation in any mixed gathering.

Sheridan's wish for a happy Sunday as his last day is so poignant. Interesting that he dons his B5 uniform for his final flight - apparently he still identifies strongly with the station as a vessel for his life's work. When he and Delenn say their final "good night", there's no stopping my tears. I choke up just remembering the scene now! So sad, so beautiful.

This scene reminds me very much of Arwen and Aragorn's farewell in the Lord of the Rings (Appendix A). It too is bittersweet, and though she pleaded with him to stay a bit longer, he knew it was time to depart.

Sheridan's last journey really has something Western-like to it - the lone cowboy riding off into the sunset. And the light metaphor shows up several times.

The last visit to the station is also bittersweet - we've seen it as the center of so many stories that it's hard to imagine it almost empty. How nice that at least one familiar face - Zack - shows up. G'Kar's statement that the voices would remain comes true here.

To have the station and Sheridan's existance linked is a poignant idea - reminds me of that old song about the grandfather clock that "stopped short, never to go again, when the old man died".

How appropriate that it's JMS who turns off the lights! Nice cameo - the only one, iirc.

"This journey is ended; another begins." I wish - as we all do - that we could have had another such journey. But maybe the good things can't be repeated (another Tolkien motive, for example the Two Trees and the Silmarils).

Despite the sdaness, it all ends with hope - there can always be new beginnings.

It doesn't get better than this.
'The road goes ever on and on...' (JRRT)

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