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Re: EpDis: Objects At Rest

More closure in this episode - we find out for whom G'Kar left that recorded message. Ta'Lon is a great choice as his replacement! Then comes the next replacement - Dr. Hobbes. Interesting choice, as the one with whom Franklin probably had the most disagreements. Nice when someone can see farther than that to recognize the true worth of a person.

Garibaldi also chooses replacements - not for himself, but for the fired board members. He too wants those who will stand up, against him if necessary. Good for him!

Sheridan is saying his farewells too. I got a kick out of the X-Files reference, whether intentional or not - "What's out there? The truth." And Lochley speaks for us all when she says, "This place grows on you." Delenn's words upon leaving, "Our souls are part of this place."

Zack says he'll be there when they turn the lights off - prophetic, iirc, isn't it?

I love that look into C&C from the White Star, with everyone lined up. It's touching when Lochley and Sheridan exchange salutes.

Then comes the chance event that brings on Lennier's betrayal. He doesn't get the opportunity to rectify his mistake, as Sheridan rescues himself. We see him change his mind and know that he came back out of a good motive, but Sheridan has his justified doubts. "There has to be a price." Lennier did step over the line. However, I have the greatest admiration for Sheridan, who keeps the secret and saves face - not only Lennier's but also his and Delenn's. It would have been a very inauspicious start to have that become known.

Ah, Londo - Emperor Mollari, that is. He comes because he is sent, with evil intentions on the part of the Drakh. But he genuinely enjoys seeing his friends again. Apparently the Drakh realize that alcohol is disadvantageous for the Keeper, since they rarely allow it to him.

Sheridan's recorded message for his child is a very poignant way to end the episode, especially since the visuals show the others. It's hard for me, the viewer, to let go of B5 and the characters I've come to love, echoing their own reluctance.
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