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Re: EpDis: Objects In Motion

Seeing Number One again was an unexpected surprise! Interesting way to bring her back into the mix - though unfortunately too late to see anything of her in the future.

Interesting development in the murder threat - it has no consequence in itself, but provides the framework for the other, almost deadly attack. It's obvious that the resentment of G'Kar's disappointed disciple is building up, and that shows the negative side of personal cult which is unwanted and unsought. "You owe us" is a terrible claim to have on someone, and "you are not worthy" is the result.

I thought Zack did a great job here, proving to Garibaldi that he is not indispensable. His farewell look at Lyta also brings closure to the relationship he tried to pursue. As things go, he should be glad it never happened - can you imagine what he would suffer if they had been together and had an argument?!

Typical B5 - we never get to see a wedding on screen. Even the impromptu bedside ceremony of Lise and Garibaldi isn't shown.

Garibaldi does a good job, in his own typical style, of handling the board on Mars.

G'Kar has the best lines with his comments on leaving the place, but having a part with you. "Our voices linger in these walls" is what Sheridan experiences at the very end, when he last visits the station.

I'll have to listen again - I just barely caught a line about "irony" being the material used in constructing B5. I also like "now is all we have".
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