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Re: EpDis: Movements Of Fire And Shadow

What a cliffhanger! Excruciating to wait for the next episode when it was initially aired...

It's hard to pinpoint all the various things going on - Londo and G'Kar on Centauri Prime, Delenn and Lennier on their way to Minbar, Sheridan trying to stop disaster, to mention only the important ones. (Oh, and Lyta and Franklin...) A few details I noticed:

Lochley speaking her log entry is again used as a narrative device.

Was Londo only being tested for his suitability, or was some kind of operation necessary to prepare him for the Keeper?

Why did Delenn take Lennier on the mission? Did he just happen to be in the area?

What was G'Kar writing in prison? Just a journal, or continuing his Book?

So the Centauri minister who always seemed to be in charge was the Minister of Defense. I still wonder if he was controlled by a Keeper...

I admit to watching this and the following episode back to back, so more on the next thread.
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