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Re: EpDis: The Ragged Edge

I hope, after all this time, that no one minds if I get back to the actual subject of this thread! The main plot element of this episode *had* to go wrong - here we go again, Garibaldi's drinking and trying to hide and deny it. He fails his task, except for that button, and I agree, it's not the kind of conclusive evidence the Alliance needs. Of course, the question is - would he have been able to succeed against the enemy on the Drazi homeworld if he had stayed sober? We'll never know...

I do feel sorry for Sheridan and Delenn at this point - leading the Alliance is a nightmare.

As always, it's pure fun to hear the Londo/G'Kar dialogues. Their bickering is so delightful! It's also fun to see G'Kar's dismayed reaction over his status as a religious icon. Ah, and it's nice to see Ta'Lon again.

I suppose you could chalk Sheridan's rather negative reaction to Franklin's promotion up to the stress he's under and to the feeling of isolation that losing another friend would mean. It's a nice touch to have Dr. Kyle named as his predecessor instead of some nameless character.

The general feeling of the episode is rather depressing, but still, it's a good one.
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