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Re: EpDis: Phoenix Rising

OK, I admit, I don't mind seeing the end of the telepath arc, but I was impressed with the quality of this episode. Bester hit the nail on the head when he said that the central problem with telepaths was how to control them. He fails, Byron fails, and Earth Gov and the Alliance fail too.

Bester usually operates with cool logic, but he sure messes things up here. There would have been a lot less dead if he hadn't stepped in in an untimely manner several times. What is it with Byron that makes it a personal issue for him? "Don't talk to strangers" is the kind of warning a father gives to his child.

It occurs to me that this episode has a second leader couple: Lyta and Byron, Sheridan and Delenn being the primary one. At the end, she appears to be the "widow" character, taking over the business after his death.

The teeps have their lowest moment here - having become terrorists and taking hostages - as well as their finest - Byron's resolve to sacrifice himself to save the lives of the hostages, even though they are mundanes.

Bester lives out what he says, "I don't believe in dialogue, only action." He also has a great scene where he explains the "Asimov" block to Garibaldi.

Byron isn't willing to take full responsibility for his actions and says to the mundanes: "We are what you made us." That is never true - each individual decides whether or not he allows others to influence his mindset.

The ending is suitably dramatic!
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