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Re: EpDis: A Tragedy Of Telepaths

I like the way Lochley's log is used as bookends in this episode. Since her actions tend to be tough, it's good to see that she is really concerned about what takes place. She's also willing to go to whatever ends are needed in an attempt to solve the problem peacefully. The tragedy is watching the inevitable happen.

Intereating that Bester calls the telepaths "my people" even though he is attacked by them.

It is good to see (the real) Na'Toth again! What a great idea to bring her back this way. And spoo actually fulfills a plot purpose as the clue to her imprisonment. Londo tells a fascinating story about orders that have been given and never countermanded. He also devises a very clever plan to rescue her and conceal the evidence thereof from all others.

Poor Sheridan - trying to hold everything together and feeling that it's all falling apart. His task is more than one person can handle.
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